Which Glass for Which Drink? Various Alcoholic Drink Glasswares

When it comes to drinking alcohol it is no matter what the glass it is. But there are various kinds of glasses for different drinks. Why are there different glasses? There are different glasswares to look and taste each alcohol better. They are also used to enhance the aroma and correct temperature. So let’s see what those glasswares are. 

1. Brandy

Brandy glass
Snifter glass

Brandy experts know brandy drinks in glass are called Snifter Glass. It is a type of glass that is very big and the inside is quite roomy. But hold the snifter glass on top of the stem and like cover the underside of the glass belly. Snifter Glass can contain a large amount of brandy, but a man who knows how to drink brandy is not going to fill the whole glass. Well pour half of that fat section. That way you can feel the smell and the taste rightly. Why do you catch on the top? That is why the aroma of brandy comes through when it is heated.

So when you take a brandy shot in a cold country, when you hold it like that it takes the heat of your palm. If not before the brandy is poured, the snifter glass is heated up a bit by putting it in a hot water bath.

2. Whiskey

Whiskey glass
Rock glass

Whiskey is usually bought in the same rock glass or old fashioned glass name as the Tumbler Glass, which is thicker. Usually, when you put two ice cubes or a double dram, the glass will be very suited to cool the whisky. And a tumbler suits to feel the smell of whiskey as well. But the flavors of the single malt whiskey can be tasted better by using the glencairn glass. Besides, the snacker, also known as the Connaught can be also drunk in brandy glasses. The club also has a tulip shape glass called a dock glass. 

3. Champagne

Champagne glass
Champagne glass

The champagne tulip glass or champagne flute is the glasses that are used to drink champagne. These two shapes are different. But the similarity of the two is that they are thin and tall. In particular, a thin glass of champagne is used in this way because the bubbles and odors of the champagne can be formed and tasted well. It is usually said to wash the glass with hot water and let it dry thoroughly before putting on champagne.

4. Wine

Wine glass
Wine glass

Choosing a wine glass is a different art. Because each wine has a different type of glass.

For example, only for red wine, there is one glass for Burgundy and another glass for Bordeaux. But all of a sudden you can’t find each glass. So it is ok to have a standard wine glass set at home. 

5. Shots

Shot glasses

Shot glass is something that is used to drink at once. That’s why they are too small. Another name for this is Shooters or Shooter Glasses. That means you have to drink it like a tequila, put some salt around the mouth of the glass, and shoot the shot down your throat. But there are different types of shot glasses too.

6. Beer

Beer glass
Beer mug

People who drink beer usually drink from the can, right? Of course, beer also has different types of glasses. The most common one is either a pint glass or beer mug. Then also there’s the tall, thin Pilsner Glass.

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