Here are 7 classic cocktails that are a must-know if you are a Drunk Expert!

Drinking should not be only for getting drunk, but also for tasting. One example of that is cocktails. Cocktails do not usually touch the people who only want to get drunk. Because you will not get drunk by having a cocktail. Cocktail that combines alcohol, different ingredients, and a few drinks is an art. So to enjoy a cocktail, you need to understand the art of drinking.

If you’re a guy who understands drinking art, there are a few classic cocktails to be aware of. We’re going to talk about some of those classic cocktails.

1. Martini

One who has watched Old James Bond films definitely knows about martini. Some people think that martini is the best cocktail in the world. Since then, martini, known as Gentleman’s drink. Actually it contains only two and a half pieces of dry vermouth for a half piece of gin. Then you can squeeze a bit of fresh lemon into the drink and put it inside. But the classic decoration of a martini is three olive nuts on a toothpick. A Dirty Martini is a martini with a drop of olive juice.

2. Mojito

Even hardcore liqueur fan also do not regret mojito in hot sunny days. In fact, the mojito has several variations. But the classic mojito includes white rum, sugar cane juice, lime juice, soda water and mint. Now sugar cane juice is replaced by sugar. The mint leaves are added after tapping the bottom of a glass. Now this mojito can be made without the rum if you want. And it’s called Virgin mojito. Or you can mix fruits like pineapple and strawberries as you like. This is how drinks like pineapple mojito, strawberry mojito are made.

3. Margarita

Another historic cocktail is the Margarita! Usually a classic margarita consists of tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice. They also serve margarita in a variety of glasses. But there is an easy way to identify a margarita, the salt circle around the top edge of the glass. A margarita is usually made by mixing seven good tequila pieces, four parts of an orange-flavored triple silk liqueur called Cointreau and three parts of freshly squeezed lime juice. Shake ice with a shaker, make a cocktail, make a salt circle into a glass on the rim and decorate it with lime. You know, Tequila always drinks with salt and lime.

4. Pina Colada

Pina Colada is another historic cocktail. This is one of the drinks that Roberto Cofresi, a Puerto Rican pirate in the 1800s, invented to raise the morale of his crew. But it is a matter of whether morale is rising, or sitting on the deck of the ship and looking at the sea with a relaxed mind. We say that because pina colada is a very delicious cocktail. But it is impossible to say pina colada is the same as Roberto’s Drink. It contains coconut, pineapple, and white rum, but the recipe is said to have passed away after Roberto died. However, nowadays pina colada is made with a portion of white rum, coconut cream, and three pieces of pineapple juice. Put it all in a blender, crushed with ice, or shaken with ice! This tastes like heaven.

5. Manhattan

One of the most popular cocktails in New York City.  Manhattan is usually a cocktail serving punch. Traditionally, Manhattan is made from rye whiskey, but it is now made from bourbon or Canadian whiskey or Tennessee whiskey. The Manhattan Cocktail contains a bunch of whiskey, vermouth and bitter flavors. Manhattan is made of two pieces of whiskey, one piece of sweet red vermouth, and about twenty drops of Angostura Bitters. Often a stranger to American whiskey can start with a Manhattan cocktail!

6. Old Fashioned

Just called Old Fashioned, the name of this whiskey is actually Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail! Normally people say,someone who doesn’t know about Old Fashioned Cocktails doesn’t have to drink cocktails. Rye whiskey is the best way to do this in a traditional way. But whether it’s bourbon or any other type of whiskey, it doesn’t matter. This is made by adding two bitter dashes of Angostura for two ounces of whiskey. Ordinarily, old fashioned glasses should be poured, a sugar, Angostura and should be tapped by the muddler. Now add a large ice cube to it, add the crushed sugar and whiskey to the bitter and mix well with a spoon. It doesn’t matter if you can decorate it with a slice of orange!

7. Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic is the perfect easy cocktail. But, as Expert Bartenders say, it’s not always easy to get the gin and tonic thing done right. While the recipe looks exactly like the one in the book, it does need a little practice to balance the gin and tonic flavors. However, Classic Gin & Tonic is made by adding Gin and tonic water into a iced full highball glass. If you want less alcohol, you can add one gin section to three tonic parts. Then it can be decorated with a piece of lime.

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