Different Types of Body Shapes that You Should Know

There are different types of body shapes. Some of us are thin and tall, some of us are fat and short. But these seemingly insignificant changes do not determine your body shape. To do that, you need to carefully monitor your entire upper body. From observing that we can identify different body shapes that men can have. Therefore, it is important to know which body type your body belongs to. Because then you can choose your dress according to your body shape. So let’s see your body belongs to which of the following.

1. Rectangular shape

If your shoulders, chest, and hips are the same, you belong to this body group. To determine this better, you can measure the area and it is normal to have a difference of two to three inches. However, if you own a rectangular body, you will have approximately the same size as the measure of the upper and lower extremities.

2. Oval shape 

Most men’s bodies are oval in shape. There are several features that make this body shape recognizable. The body shape is characterized by thin and small shoulders and chest area and a slightly wider and thicker waist.

3. Triangular shape

The triangular shape is very similar to the oval shape, but the body of a male with such a body has somewhat narrow shoulders. However, following the shape of the triangle, the waist area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis body shape is wide.

4. V shape ( Inverted triangle )

The characteristics of an upward triangular body are opposite to those of a typical triangular body. Accordingly, this body type can be identified from the broad shoulders and chest and the narrow hips. Many bodybuilders and athletes belong to this body type.

5.Trapezoid shape

Long and wide shoulders, a well-developed chest, and a thin waist are some of the identifying features of this body type. This is one of the easiest body categories when it comes to clothing choices.

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